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About Us

After proudly serving networks, such as NBC, CBS, Discovery, Disney, and Bravo, the HITFIRE Media partners decided to take everything they learned making award-winning television and apply it to creating groundbreaking content for companies striving for excellence in social outreach and audience engagement.
As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. And when we gathered to discuss the growing need that brands have for content that engages their audience and customers, we decided to offer exactly what these companies needed.
And like the clients we serve, HITFIRE Media strives to be a “difference maker”. It's our philosophical approach to storytelling. That is, what are the companies with missions that align with ours? How do we translate these missions and their importance to the audience in the ever-changing media distribution world we live in? How do we make the world a better place - not just now, but in the future? Our focus in content with a message that creates change.
Our backgrounds collectively stem from over three decades in major and cable television. From state-of-the-art broadcast trucks to knee-high mud ponds in the Oklahoma outback, we've handled Olympic sports to automotive startups, disruptive advertising on-line fundraisers, and true crime reality to mud-lovers who pluck fish from the riverbeds with bare hands. 
Our thirst for curiosity keeps us moving to the leading edge. We strive to help tackle prominent issues, and to produce revolutionary, inspiring results-oriented content.

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