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Everything I expected, and more

"Matt delivers a quality product that is thorough, with a detail-oriented approach. He takes the time to understand the needs of his client and flawlessly delivers on expectations. I would gladly hire Matt again"

I would gladly work with them again

"Joey is amazing to work with and to work for. He is so inspiring and he makes you feel very open to be yourself and to bring your very best to the table. He has one of the best attitudes and he will make you laugh on your worst day. Joey is highly motivated and has connected himself with some incredible organizations and people that all think so highly of him and keep coming back for more. His video editing and sound work is superb and highly professional. I am always in awe of his many accomplishments."


What Sets Us Apart

The HITFIRE Media Leadership includes two members who have worked in various configurations on projects, combining video and content expertise, to deliver highly customized, unique experiences for demanding clients. Collectively, our core DNA is high-end client service. Our creative strength is storytelling. Our laser focus is maximizing financial ROI while preserving client’s core values and building their brands.

Matt Cohn is a seasoned television, documentary, and video development director/ producer. He has developed broadcast shows for Netflix, Discovery Channel, Bravo, A&E, TLC and ABC News. He is a key player in finding and working with talent for development projects and new series, while overseeing casting efforts. His notable talent acquisitions and projects include “I Just Killed My Dad” on Netflix, Animal Planet’s “Hillbilly Hand Fishing", and "Toe Bro”, "Animal PD”, and "100 Days of Summer" on Bravo. He’s played a key role in securing talent and closing network pitches and numerous commissions.


Born with a passion for storytelling, Joey Rossetti was always the one grabbing the camera and capturing life's moments to later edit and share with family and friends. Not long after he began his career in entertainment as an editor, he began writing, directing, and producing. Now with twenty years of experience, Joey has been an Executive Producer for “Cheap Eats” on Cooking Channel, “Who Killed Jane Doe”, and “Perfect Suspect” for Investigation Discovery. He has also helped develop many successful programs such as “The Letter” for ABC Family to “House of Horrors” for I.D. In addition to Reality formats, Joey also excels in long-form and short-form narrative storytelling.


Matt Cohn is an award-winning producer and director. His most recent film as a director is “Freedom Reigns” which has won “The Impactful Doc Award” in 2023. As a producer he’s known for never taking no as an answer and confronting any obstacles head on. 


Joey Rossetti has over 25 years in the business as a director, producer, and editor. He also directed “Freedom Reigns” with Cohn in 2023. Joey was also the lead editor and story producer in the film. His story telling ability has been earned him a valuable reputation in the industry. 

Joey Rossetti


Matt Cohn


Meet the Team


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